Prozac And Obesity: Why Depression Is Common Among Obese People

For the past several years, some of the doctors have been known to give obese patients anti-depressant drugs such as Prozac to help them cope with their problems. Studies show that obesity and depression have become very closely related anti-depressant drugs, such as Prozac, and obesity seemed to be closely linked nowadays.

According to experts, people who take anti-depressants often suffer from insomnia and restlessness that can lead to several other forms of medical complications. What is more alarming is that people who have been taking anti-depressant drugs tend to suffer from withdrawal symptoms as soon as they are taken off the drugs. There have been so many reported cases of people who have been taken off their anti-depressant medication who became so depressed and suicidal that they are considered to be a danger to themselves and to others. In most cases, these people have to be taken into hospitals for close monitoring and treatment.

The link between Prozac and obesity has become so common in the past few years that several sectors have raised the alarm on the issue. According to some experts, in many cases, Prozac and obesity have become so closely related that some people have come see of this drug as a cure to obesity. Unfortunately, Prozac is designed to help people who are depressed and not to cure obesity. Prozac and obesity does not belong to the same category although the two of them are closely related to each other.

Getting Professional Help

Drugs should be used as a last resort when fighting obesity. Note that Prozac and obesity doesn’t have to go together all the time. There are ways and means to prevent obesity in the first place so we should all take advantage of these natural methods of preventing obesity. For instance, doing a lot of physical activities that will burn the calories that we have eaten will not only keep us slim, it will also build our muscles and keep us fit.

What is more interesting about doing exercise is that it helps us shake away the blues. Experts believe that doing physical activities are one of the most effective ways to fight off depression so instead of taking anti-depression drugs such as Prozac, one can shake off the blues by doing some brisk walking, jogging and other low impact physical exercises.